Terms and conditions


1) By paying the registration fee, the applicant confirms a contract for participation in a foreign language course. The registration fee is entirely donated to the ONLUS Foundation “FOR A BETTER WORLD” for complementary activities including the unlimited online correction of all written work during the course. It also includes the materials for the chosen course and periodic progress tests made by Lord Byron during the course. The registration fee does not include the fee for the Cambridge, TOEFL or IELTS examinations.

2) The payment of the cost of the course must be made within the deadlines indicated in this agreement.

3) Payments must be made by bank transfer to:


(SWIFT / BIC BLOPIT22 for payments from foreign accounts) indicating the name of the student enrolled in the course and sending the copy of the bank transfer in pdf to [email protected]

4) For group courses, the cost remains unchanged while the total number of hours of lessons varies according to the number of participants enrolled in the group, as follows:
number of participants in the group, total number of hours of lessons:
• 1     ……………………………………………………………. 16
• 2-3 ……………………………………………………………. 30
• 4-10 .………………………………………………………….. 40

5) If, during the course, the number of participants in a group increases or decreases, the total number of hours of lessons in that group will be increased or decreased according to the scheme set out in article 4.

6) There are no recovery or makeup lessons for absences by the student during the group course. Students who register late for the group course will receive one hour of individual lessons for every five hours of group lessons already completed. The student who enrolls in an individual course can cancel and make up a total of 10% of the total number of individual hours booked, with a minimum of 24 hour hours’ notice to the school secretary by either telephoning ++39(0)805232686 or by emailing : [email protected]

7) The installment payment alternative is a facility granted to those students who are unable to pay for the course in a single payment. Therefore, the installment is to be considered as an advance payment on the total cost of the course; in no case is the installment payment intended as a payment separate from the rest of the course or relating to the lessons attended in a single part of the course.
8) The Management establishes, at its sole discretion, both the language level most suitable for the specific knowledge of the student, and the start date of the language course chosen.
9) The student is required to conform his/her behavior to the rules of good education and civil coexistence, avoiding any disturbance of the regular running of the course and school or of cultural activities in general. The student who does not respect these rules of conduct will be reminded of his/her responsibility and should the event occur again, he/she will be excluded from the course without having the right to refund or suspension of payments due.
10) For organizational and didactic purposes, the management reserves the right to replace teachers if necessary.
11) In case of closure of the school structure due to quarantine or similar emergency measures, the course attended in the classroom will continue regularly as an online course, without compromising the number of hours of lessons, the cost of the course and the recovery and cancellation conditions established in this contract.
12) For classroom courses, the Management does not assume responsibility for any personal objects left unattended on the school premises.
13) All holidays observed by the Italian calendar will also be observed by Lord Byron College without compromising the total number of hours booked for the course.
14) The student who has signed this enrollment agreement on the premises of Lord Byron College but withdraws before the start of the course or before its conclusion or the student who does not attend the lessons of the aforementioned course is required to notify the management promptly in writing as well as to pay the entire amount of the chosen course and will have no right or to suspend payment of the agreed amount, in the manner and at the deadlines established in art. 3, nor to claim refunds for any reason and nature, nor may the student present any exceptions in order to avoid or delay payment.

15) In accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Code, article 52 et seq. of the legal decree 206 of 2005, the student who enrolls online for a course can withdraw from this contract by sending written notice to Lord Byron College, Via Sparano 102, Bari 70121 Italy by registered post within 14 days from the date of enrollment in the course.

16) Lord Byron College and the English organisations that manage the international external examinations do not reimburse examination fees for absences or cancellations.

17) The registration costs of this contract, if such registration is necessary, will be charged to the applicant.

18) For any dispute relating to this contract, the Court of Bari will be the competent legal authority.

19) By accepting this contract, the applicant authorizes the publication by Lord Byron College of photographic and video images depicting the student for promotional purposes. The recording and use of these images is to be considered by the student as completely free of charge.

20) CONSENT TO THE PROCESSING OF PERSONAL DATA (EU Regulation 2016/679 C.D. GDFR) The applicant for this course declares to have received the information referred to in art. 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 and to articles 13-14 of EU Regulation 2016/679, in particular with regard to the rights recognized by articles 15 to 22 and art. 34 of Regulation 2016/679. The applicant consents to the processing of his/her data in the manner and for the purposes strictly connected and instrumental to the management of this contractual agreement.